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Infinity Pictures


We are a production company that tells authentic stories to change the world for the better.


To INFINITY and beyond

Infinity Pictures was born from a resolute passion of wanting to communicate authentic stories that change the world for the better. With empathy at the heart of our creative process, our world-class, multi-disciplinary team infuses love, creativity and shared humanity into every narrative. Our primary focus is to create visual content that embodies empathy and inspires, informs and involves our audience.

Our agile creative team brings a diverse repertoire of skills, which includes producing, directing, writing, storytelling, editing, acting, illustration, videography, photography, animation and music composition. We create visually appealing content across multiple long and short audio-visual formats. Our collective storytelling experience spans across multiple themes, sectors and industries, including broadcasting and entertainment, sustainable development, sports, mining, politics, popular culture, corporate communication, social justice and current affairs.


We have conceptualised and navigated storytelling covering hard-hitting documentary filmmaking, deep community, business and industry engagements, stories of change as well as lighter, more entertaining and contemporary content. Whether your needs are personal, project or passion in nature, we have the capability to ideate, strategize and execute your story with care and precision.




Ever gazed into the infinite cosmos in wonder, contemplating life amongst the stars and galaxies far, far away? It is this feeling of curiosity that we infuse into creating stories at Infinity Pictures. When we invite you to #ImagineINFINITY, we offer a space to discover possibilities of boundless storytelling.



TVCs, company & personal profiles, corporate messaging, product & music videos, & online content creation.



Reality TV,


TV series

& documentaries



Events, weddings, conferences

& live streaming



Editing, animation, titling, original score & music composition,


BRANDS we've collectively worked with

We have worked across a wide range of television, broadcasting and content creation platforms. This includes international powerhouses and local award winning projects. Below are some examples of the iconic brands and properties that we have worked with.


Series Director

Season 1


Content Director

Season 3


Content Director

Season 2


Content Producer

Season 2


Music composition,



videography, editing

Head of Content

Season 1


Content Director

Season 5


Why we EXIST

Storytelling is one of humankinds oldest, most treasured gifts and it will stay with us for as long as we exist. In our process of crafting stories that last forever, we apply our three pillars of creativity; EMPATHY, SUSTAINABILITY and PSYCHOLOGY.




We start with understanding. We place ourselves in the hearts and minds of our subjects. This enables the creation of an authentic narrative, developed in concert with our partners.

We hold the current state of the planet close to our hearts and as such, place emphasis on telling stories that change the world for the better.

We examine the psychological

drivers between intention and outcome and design our content to maximise the viewers understanding and thus invoke action.


Staying COVID safe

Our world has changed. We are faced with a new reality, where our most powerful emotions; love, heartbreak, joy, need to be screened and sanitised. We acknowledge that this impacts the way in which we approach, create and communicate stories.

At Infinity Pictures, we endeavour to utilise technology and innovative new methods to create content in a safe and responsible manner, whilst maintaining our standard of authenticity in creating captivating stories.

Now more than ever, we need to share our stories to continue being a human collective.

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Our favourite MOMENTS

Every project and engagement is unique. We approach each project with the care and consideration, and tailor operational and technical deployment that bests supports the unfolding of the narrative. We have worked in the heart of cityscapes, in rural communities on the continent, pristine islands, wild African savannas, mining and agriculture operations and on local and international studio sets. 


Who we ARE

Our love for the arts brought us together almost two decades ago. We started off as musicians, writing and performing music together in the Johannesburg based rock band, MadLove. Although our journey with MadLove ended in 2012, it gave birth to personal discovery and craftsmanship in our respective fields. In 2019, through a shared and resolute passion for wanting to create stories that change the world for the better, together, we founded Infinity Pictures… 

Shahir 2.jpg

Shahir Chundra



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Shahir is an accomplished television director and media specialist, with a career that spans over 20 years in the broadcast industry. In addition to directing, his expertise encompasses producing, acting, content development, writing and editing, from niche projects to blue-chip productions. He also has theatre and musical expertise and experience. Shahir’s most recent project–Series Director on The Bachelor South Africa

Grant Profile Pic .jpg

Grant Sissons

Film Director

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Grant has an educational background in Science and The Arts, with a Master’s degree in Industrial Psychology. He is a multi-disciplinary artist skilled in videography, video editing, illustration, music composition, production, and screenwriting.
Grants unique skill-set allows for the capability of analysing and understanding the psychological drivers and desired outcomes between an audience and the production.

Grant was ranked No.1 music composer in the Africa and Middle East regions, by the Loerie Awards (2019). 


Shakti Satyapal


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Shakti is a versatile and dynamic entrepreneur with experience in several industries and creative spaces. He is a strategic and systems thinker, as well as a marketing, sustainable development and photography professional. He delivers the management and business solutions needed for agile young companies to thrive and also ensures that their projects are carried out with care and diligence.


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